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It’s no longer optional: even medical practices need an online presence. Statistics show the majority of people perform online research before committing to a doctor or practice, and with the proliferation of online reviews, it’s important to control the perception of you and your practice. The most essential way to start doing that, of course, is with a website.

The web professionals at RxForms will ensure you get the best ROI you can. Our custom design process will keep your website away from that “cookie-cutter” look so common in the medical field. We add value to your content bringing online resources for your patients and their families.

If you already have a website that needs some work, we’ll take a look and see what’s working and what’s not, and work on it together to meet and exceed your expectations. Regardless of your goals, RxForms can help you achieve them. Schedule a consultation today to stand out in the online community!


The highly competitive pharmaceutical market means pharmacy locations need every marketing advantage they can get, and a vital but often-neglected component is a pharmacy website.

Many pharmacies rely on registries and other websites to provide their online information, but relying on third parties means there’s no control over the content, which can lead to errors, as well as slow adoption in the event changes are made (i.e. location, phone numbers, hours of operation, etc). A website will serve as a defacto source of current information, with highly visible branding elements to reinforce brand awareness.

But why stop there? Questions about prescriptions and drug usage are very common, and using your new website as a hub for information is a great way to further engage customers. Including a live-chat feature to answer those questions not covered will close the loop, allowing you full control of your client experience. Reach out to us today to ensure that experience is a good one!


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