RxForms FAQ

How can I make sure the RxForms and pads meet my states specifications?
RxForms works with state and federal compliance guidelines in mind. We monitor state regulations to assure your RxForms and RxPads meet your state’s requirements.

Will you notify me when you’ve received my order?
You will be notified by e-mail when your order has been received. In order to ensure a secure compliant transaction someone in our design and compliance department will email you a proof. On the proof, you can easily and quickly approve the order and choose the quantity of RxForms  RxPads you would like to order. Or you can quickly make revisions and send them back. All this happens before payment or production will begin so it is far more secure than other more automated sites.

Please check to see that our e-mail notice has not been flagged by your SPAM filter before calling for order status. After you approve the imprint information on the proof form and confirm the quantity, we will generate an Invoice with a payment link so payment is secure, fast and easy.

When will I receive my order of secure RxForms and RxPads?
Standard production time is 5 to 7 business days from receipt of the approved proof and payment. Transportation time will vary with the method of shipment the customer selects.

What is your standard shipping method?
UPS Ground.

Can you expedite my order?
Of course, if you need the order faster, we can ship the order Next Day Air. Contact the RxForms Support team at 1-866-Rx-Forms (1-866-793-6767) for shipping charges.

Can I Pick-Up my order or ship on my UPS or FedEx account shipper number?
Due to government regulations and chain of custody issues, secure forms and pads cannot be shipped on your shipper number. The forms pads will be packed in a plain box with no mention of RxForms.

What if I accidentally place a duplicate order or need to change the order?
Call RxForms immediately at (866) Rx-Forms (866) 793-6767. If the order has not been produced, it will be canceled. If the order needs to be changed, you will then need to fax a revised order form back to us at 858-273-8181

How do I proof my customer’s order information?
Standard Register will send you an e-mail with the customer imprint information that you can compare with the order form. If the imprint information contained in the e-mail does not match the information on the order form, contact Standard Register immediately at 1-866-Rx-Forms (1-866-793-6767)

What if I need to change my order after it has been faxed and confirmed?
Contact Standard Register immediately via phone 1-866-Rx-Forms (1-866-793-6767) We’ll do our best to make things right for you.

My practice is moving to a new office, can I have the Rx pads shipped to another address?
To help prevent fraudulent use of prescription paper and pads, the Rx order will only be shipped to the address of record for your customer’s DEA number or the address of record for your customer’s state license number. Standard Register verifies addresses prior to order placement.

What steps do you take to ensure prescription pads and paper are secure?
RxForms maintains stringent controls across the entire supply chain, beginning with our proprietary security paper. We produce our own paper; no other party is licensed to produce or use it. It’s stored in locked cages and may only be accessed by our bonded, authorized personnel. We maintain 24-hour security camera surveillance.

Rx paper, rolls and sheets are manufactured in a secure production environment. Consecutively numbered RxForms are closely controlled. The system records the numbers generated during production process and verifies these numbers fall within a pre-defined range of acceptable numbers for that print run or Rx product and assures that no numbers are missing or duplicated on any order. RxForms products are packaged with tamper-evident seals, and then shipped and tracked via UPS directly to the medical practice address of record, requiring an adult signature for the shipment.


Security features:

Aligned with the 2018 California regulations for prescription format and security features and approved by the Department of Justice and the State Board of Pharmacy as one of the selected Security Prescription Printers in the world, our pads contain:

  • CA watermark on back
  • Chemical reactive security paper
  • Color match / distinctive blue colored background
  • Erasure protection (secure rub color change ink)
  • Hidden fibers and void pantograph
  • Opaque writing
  • Security feature warning band
  • Sequential numbering
  • Serialized batch number stamping
  • Tamper evident chemical washing
  • Thermochromic ink