About Us

Based in San Diego for the last 16 years, RxForms has been serving the medical care industry in California as an Approved Security Prescription Printer, designing and printing prescription pads in record time. We work with doctors and pharmacists to make their jobs easier and to create a better patient experience as a result. We make our little contribution to the health industry with passion, integrity, honesty, accountability and respect.

We offer Stock & Custom Prescription Blanks, a complete line of Tamper-Resistant Blanks and Forms in standard configurations as well as 2018 California Specific formats that conform to State and Medicaid guidelines.


We know your time is much better spent focusing on the patient rather than paperwork, which is why our Rx forms are as secure and easy to fill in as possible.


Our Rx forms are helping pharmacies to increase both the accessibility and security of releasing drugs to patients in California.